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Welcome to vom Sandy Creek Drahthaars. I am glad you stopped by.  

Deutsch Drahthaars are my choice of a hunting dogs because these dogs truly can do it all. They are versatile gun dogs who can point upland birds, retreive waterfowl, track wounded game and dispatch predators. After a full day in the fields and forests, they can be model canine citizens in the house. I first hunted over a Drahthaar in 1999 and since then I have been hooked. We hunt many different kinds of furred and feathered game with our dogs.  They are used to track wounded game when needed.

I have owned and trained several Drahthaars over the years. I am also a performance judge with and really enjoy watching the dogs work in different areas of the country.

Drahthaars dogs should have a calm and collected manner while not working. My dogs are not a problem in the house with me or in their outside kennels.  While Drahthaars make can be good pets, they are first and foremost working dogs bred to hunt. Without proper training, socialization, hunting and exercise, they are not content and can develop issues. 

I have a small kennel and will breed a dog once they have hunted a few seasons with me and successfully passed through the JGHV testing system. The breed candidate for me should have passed or be in training to go through  the VGP level to be considered a finished utility dog.  In addition to  the breed standard requirements, I look for a dog possesing a pleasant demeanor and top quality coat and conformation.  

Give me a call or send me an email if you would like more information.